What We Are About

We encourage personal growth in each child by providing a safe, supportive and trusting community facilitated by highly trained staff. Through our inclusive programs and camps, children will embrace nature and a healthy active lifestyle, become leaders in their communities, feel valued for who they are, build confidence and learn new skills through play!

Our Story

"At camp, children learn they have the capability to do things on their own.”

Wow! How special. This quote has really been one that has driven us from the start and has helped to mold how we run Kidz Can Play Inc. (KCP). Our background in Teaching has given us a glimpse into the world of the classroom and how children are learning and developing. Although there is great learning that takes place in the classroom we noticed a few things that really sparked our interest and that we felt we could help to change for the better!

We first noticed that elementary aged students were not always getting professional instruction from people who were certified to teach Health and Physical Education. We noticed that by the time students reached high school many of them did not have the fundamentals needed for them to be successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At this point it is often too late! They have already decided whether or not they enjoy activity or not! Pictured below is the Active for Life Model which shows the best way to increase people’s probability to continue to be active for life. And guess what? The best way to do this is to create a positive early experience around sport and activity!!

Active For Life Model
Soccer Practice
Play is the best way to learn


The importance of having a positive and meaningful experience with health, sport and physical activity in the early years of development will lead to a higher probability of continued love for activity for life.  

With the rise in children spending more time on technology along with the rise in obesity rates we decided to start an afterschool Sport Development program. These programs focus on a play/games-based approach to really create a fun environment while learning and developing fundamental movement skills and improving specific skills in a sport. We LOVE seeing kids that may be shy or nervous with their athletic abilities and then by the end of the sessions they have developed SO much more confidence, enjoyment and pride in themselves surrounding sport and physical activity! We also love challenging those who are already confident basketball players to improve one aspect of their game over the course of session!

Our goal and what inspires us each year with the Sports Programs is to ensure that each child is getting a positive early experience in physical activity to inspire a love and enjoyment for activity that continues throughout their life!

As we continued to grow with our Sport Programs we always had a goal from the beginning to start a March Break and Summer Camp. Many of our previous jobs incorporated program/activity planning for day and overnight camps and we just LOVED CAMP! One thing that surprised us is that oftentimes the students who did not always enjoy or perform well in the traditional classroom setting just SHINED at camp! They thrived in an environment that allowed for spontaneity and choice in their daily activities!

Our main priority is to create a safe and trusting space to take our own risks (whatever that may mean for each individual), try new things, meet new people and participate in what really brings us joy. We have incorporated many of the aspects we loved most about overnight camp and have brought them into a Day Camp setting for younger kids who live in the city to experience and enjoy!

The great Albert Einstein did once say that “Play is the highest form of research”. That is what KIDZ CAN PLAY is all about…the idea that kids CAN really do anything and that PLAY is their best teacher!

With the help from our loyal group of initial campers and parents we launched the first KCP March Break Camp in 2016! We are very grateful to them for believing in us and helping us get our vision of “Kidz Can Play” off the ground while having so much fun in the process!

Play – We included this word as a part of our company name because it is essential for healthy growth and development! Through play we learn to be creative, build confidence, take a risk, work as a team, be a leader, listen to others, explore our interests and develop resilience. We facilitate safe environments for children’s imaginations to shine!


Community – Camp friendships are based on trust, honesty and a deep sense of caring and can often last a lifetime! At camp, everyone feels connected, included and valued for who they are. By creating a safe and compassionate environment we maintain an atmosphere that enhances supportive relationships. We LOVE our camp family!


Personal Growth – Children learn important life lessons through hands on, developmentally appropriate activities. We provide strong moral and ethical role models and opportunities to learn physical, psychological, intellectual and social skills. We encourage healthy risk taking and provide opportunities for leadership.


Health and Wellbeing – Children are provided with time to practise and master their fundamental movement skills, fine and gross motor skills and sport specific skills in a fun and supportive environment. This creates a positive outlook on physical activity and increases the chances that they will continue to be active throughout their life. Children also have opportunities to explore the natural environment.



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