Basketball Program

(Ages 2.5-12)

Play is our passion!

Our games approach is proven to be the best way for kids to learn and develop new skills. We hope to inspire the hustle and team spirit needed for Basketball in all of our Kidz! In our Basketball Program you can expect to learn and improve on basic basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, the rules of the game and defensive/offensive strategies in a recreational setting. 


We understand and cherish that each child has different talents and interests. We strive to create a good culture, with a different set of possibilities and expectations for each individual child. Within our session we often group children by age and/or skill level to ensure we meet their unique goals. We love to see kids gaining confidence, being challenged, forming great relationships and exceeding their own expectations.

The Basketball Program includes:


 ·         Warm-up games

 ·         Basketball skill-based games

 ·         Modified scrimmages

 ·         Team challenges 

 ·         Cooperative games

 ·         Health/life lesson that focuses on helping kids become leaders in their communities (ex. goal setting, constructive criticism, anti-bullying, respect, healthy eating, stress management etc.)

Spring Schedule 2024

Fall Schedule 2023


  • Tuesdays at Robert Munsch, Mount Albert
  • Wednesdays at Meadowbrook P.S. Newmarket